Talon X Teal
Owners:  Steve & Pam Mersch
Breeder/Co-Owner:  Beverly Nolan
Darby at 8 Years Old with Cobe & Jace
Darby (8)with daughter Who’s’er (18 months) behind her
Darby at her first show – 5 Point Major at 10 months
Darby WB (19 months) handled by Pam
 Darby BOS  2 years handled by Pam
 Darby BOW and New Champion – Handled by Pam
Darby at play:
 Summer 2009 in Alaska and  Spring 2008 in England


                                      Darby with her Corgi Family (Pam too!)
Above:  Steve, Pam and Darby Mersch
Fall of 2007 – Pheasant Hunting in Minnesota
Below:  Steve, Darby and Friends



       Darby – Playing at home on Denise Lake

Relaxing  on Denise Lake – Summer 2009
Andy, Darby and Jaylin
 Link to Darby’s Singleton Puppy