Favourite Pictures
 Sadie Nelson playing at home in Ninilchik
Flame X Flyer Puppy


Flame the Clown
Teal waiting to whelp
Kobe and Teal
Beverly with Mykey and Robbie
(Kirby X Aimee litter)
Summer 2004 with Flame & Teal
It’s nap time for Flame and Grandpa…..
Feeding my new puppy (a little for me too!)
Indigo Hobson and Trooper
(Teal X Talon Pup)
 Here they are 2 years later:
Indigo tucked Trooper in for the night and is reading him a bedtime story
Teal modeling one of Arlene Blouch’s Creations
Soft Elizabethan Collar and Tweety Bird
(Excellent after surgery – Arlene can be contacted at ahblouch@direcway.com)
Mt. Redoubt Erupting