Aimee X Cowboy
New Champion Tessi
Litter-mate to Addi, Tessi finished her championship with 5 majors!
Handled by my friend Leslie Batchelder, Junior Handler Stephani Batchelder (pictured) and Kathy Fisk.  Thank you Les, Steph and Kathy!

“Tessi Tinkles” needed  “Xtra Special”  attention from the start.
Tessi was born with an ectopic ureter diagnosed at 7 weeks of age.  On the advice of our vet, she traveled to Washington State University to undergo a successful surgery.
After her recuperation, I had planned to place her in a good home but in the end, we just couldn’t part with her!
Tessi became my 4th Champion.  Her most important roll though was “Auntie” to Addi’s puppies.  She adored playing with them and had the sweetest, most tolerant disposition.
Sadly, we lost Tessi at ten years of age to bloat when her heart stopped right after surgery.