Addi X Banjo
Flame’s First Christmas
with our Grandchildren Mason and Marina
Uh Oh!
I’m sure it’s obvious that Flame was a real character right from the start! Named in memory of Princess Diana, Flame was always into something and making us laugh.

Flame was our singleton pup and she thought Bob (our Siamese cat) was her litter-mate! The above picture was taken with Bob’s toy that was her favourite! She loved to stick her head inside and entertain herself by trying to catch the ball hanging below.

At 11 weeks I found her sitting on top of the #400 wire crate that I’d used to block off an area for her. She used to climb over the baby gate at the bottom of our stairs just like our cat Bob!
Taking her to agility classes only encouraged her to jump the fence in our front yard! She used to jump it and then come around to the gate all proud of herself! No, she was not left there unattended! However, our attached run off the garage is almost 8 feet tall just to be on the safe side, what with the snow, the moose and Flame!
Some pictures of her show career
January 23, 2000
Flame finished her championship on a Saturday and then went Best in Show on Sunday! Thank you to our friend Leslie Batchelder for believing in Flame and showing her to all her points including Group Placements and Best in Show!

1998 National Specialty – First Place 9-12 Bitch
Thank you Ken Matthews
Group 3 – March 2000
Best of Opposite Sex – November 2004
To date, Flame has produced 3 champions:
(13 points – one major)
Memorial Weekend – 2009
Flame – 11 1/2 Years of age going Best Veteran in Show
Handled by our good friend Leslie Batchelder
Run like the wind Famous Girl, we love and miss you